About Us

Social. Search. Book.

Our mission is to create a place where travellers can effortlessly move from social inspiration to booking their perfect hotels and experiences. Through an innovative new search and explore experience, Yond enables the discovery of captivating travel experiences curated by a diverse network of content creators. These adventurers will share their love for exploration, taking you on a virtual journey through captivating visuals, insightful stories, and genuine recommendations.

Our Story: A Passion for Travel and Social Commerce

Our journey began within a bustling hospitality marketing agency, where we witnessed firsthand the transformative power of social commerce to shake up the travel industry. We understand that social media could be more than just a place to share pics and connect with pals; it could be a hub for uncovering incredible travel experiences, connecting with passionate content creators, and booking the next adventure with ease.

Our Mission: Empowering Travellers to Make a Splash

At the heart of our mission lies the desire to empower travellers to make informed decisions that align with their values – the planet included! We believe that by exploring our wonderful planet, we can learn to look after it better. Yond uses nudge theory to encourage travellers to make eco-conscious choices, highlighting eco-friendly accommodations and sustainable travel practices.

Here for everyone: Specialist for Social Generation.

We're driven by the passion and values of the social generation that seeks authentic and meaningful experiences that align with their values. They're the pioneers of sustainable travel, seeking to explore new destinations while minimising their environmental impact. Yond is designed to work with this forward-thinking generation, providing them with the tools and resources to discover transformative travel experiences, make informed decisions that align with their environmental consciousness, and effortlessly book their next adventure.

What We Bring to the Table

For Travellers:

  • bed

    Uncover Incredible Experiences

    Discover captivating travel experiences curated by passionate individuals.

  • house

    Effortless Booking

    Transition from inspiration to action, book your next adventure in an instant.

  • nature

    Eco-conscious Travel Choices

    Make informed decisions that align with your values, guided by nudge theory and highlighted eco-friendly options.

For Content Creators:

  • savings

    Monetisation Opportunities

    Earn revenue for every booking generated through your content.

  • paid

    Real-time ROI Tracking

    Measure the effectiveness of your content and optimize your strategies.

  • groups

    Community Engagement and Collaboration

    Connect with a vibrant community of travellers, hoteliers, and fellow content creators.

Become part of our adventure

If you are an investor looking for your next brilliant opportunity. Our pre-seed investment round is now open, and we're looking for passionate individuals who share our vision of a more sustainable and connected travel future. Get in touch with us today to learn more!